May 18, 2022

Hyundai Engineering promotes commercialization of carbon-free hydrogen production system

Kim Chang-Hak, CEO of Hyundai Engineering / Courtesy of Hyundai Engineering

Hyundai Engineering announced on Jan. 6 that it will promote a project for an “Environmentally Friendly Hydrogen Generation System Using Ammonia.” Ammonia is considered a new generation ecological raw material.

Hyundai Engineering has signed an investment agreement with AAR, which has ammonia-based hydrogen production technology, and plans to commercialize a system that produces high purity hydrogen (99.99%) without generating carbon dioxide by decomposing ammonia.

As climate change and environmental issues due to the continuous increase in carbon dioxide production have recently become global topics, Hyundai Engineering has paid attention to hydrogen generation technology that does not generate carbon dioxide during the hydrogen production process.

The ammonia decomposition hydrogen production method developed by Hyundai Engineering and AAR can produce hydrogen with minimal energy input by decomposing ammonia through a spontaneous electrochemical reaction. Additionally, the company said this system can produce high-purity hydrogen without a separate hydrogen separation process.

This system can produce 300 kg of hydrogen, which is enough to charge around 50 NEXOs per day, and is very competitively priced compared to the existing hydrogen production method.

“Hyundai Engineering contributes to the achievement of carbon neutrality by advancing in the clean hydrogen production business using ammonia after the clean hydrogen production business through carbon dioxide reduction, recycling and recycling of plastic waste,” said Kim Chang-Hak, CEO of Hyundai Engineering. “We will be reborn as a global environment and energy company by securing a new engine of sustainable growth through active investment and R&D in environmentally friendly energy.”

Meanwhile, Hyundai Engineering is actively promoting the discovery and development of new ESG-based environmentally friendly businesses in preparation for spreading global ESG management and ushering in the era of carbon neutrality.

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