June 29, 2022

Live event forms after adding several established entertainment production companies

“Two years ago, the pandemic stopped us and everyone else in the live entertainment business in our tracks,” said Stephane Vitale, CEO of Live Events. “But then we decided the show had to go on. We raised capital and continued a strategic search for the best in the industry, from sound, light and video production to fireworks companies. I think we are building something bigger than I ever imagined. And to top it all off, we’re hiring again to keep pace with new business,” exclaims Stephen. “It’s an honor to say we’re hiring again “, he adds.

The family of brands includes the following companies and gives Live Events an expanded national and regional presence:

  • Active design and production
  • delicate productions
  • FXpedited
  • Gemini Lighting and Stage Equipment
  • Melrose Pyrotechnics (merged with Pyrotecnico)
  • Pyrotechnic fireworks
  • Pyrotecnico FX
  • Zenith lighting

“The experience and expertise runs deep at every level,” says Stephane Vitale, CEO of Live Events. “From the five-generation legacy of my family-owned and operated fireworks production company to well-established sound, light and video companies that have all been in business for decades. We have all experienced countless jaw-dropping productions and problem-solving scenarios,” adds Stephen.

With this new formation, Live Events serves a multitude of clients in various industries:

  • Awards Shows
  • Concerts, Tours, Festivals, Residences
  • houses of worship
  • Private & Business
  • Public and community
  • Special events
  • Sport events
  • Amusement park
  • Weddings
  • Site integrations and installations

“Our dedicated and incredible staff is the glue that holds our businesses together. It’s what inspires me to keep growing our vision and disrupting the entertainment industry,” said Stephane Vitale. “The companies that make up Live Events add tremendous value and depth to our capabilities and allow us to scale up or down with our customers,” adds Stephen.

The family of brands’ Live Events portfolio of works includes many notable names such as Coachella, Justin Bieber World Tour, LiveNation, Navy Pier, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and over 3,000 annual 4th of July community fireworks.

Stephane Vitale, CEO of Live Events, is a 33-year entertainment production veteran and serial entrepreneur. His brother, Rocco Vitale, runs the special effects companies and runs the creative departments. According to company officials, the Vitale brothers are the namesake inherited from five generations of entertainment production.

The original company, Pyrotecnico, was founded in 1889 by Constantin Vitale. Before the pandemic, they operated nationwide with more than 1,000 technicians across the United States, with six regional offices. According to company officials, Pyrotecnico is the largest fireworks production company in the United States.

PyrotecnicoFX, a special effects company, was established in 2007. Pyrotecnico and PyrotecnicoFX have worked with over 10,000 organizations over the past ten years.

Live Events Head Office is at New Castle, Pennsylvania. New Castle is considered the capital of fireworks United States due to its long history of fireworks companies headquartered there. The brand family’s existing offices will remain in operation in their respective cities.

Live event makers also announce the launch of entertainment logistics startup FXpedited, headquartered in New Castle, Pennsylvania. FXpedited specializes in local to national transportation solutions for music concerts, tours, festivals, and fireworks and hazardous materials transportation. The company boasts that 20% of its drivers are military veterans.

“With a broader national footprint, the entertainment industry rebounding in 2022, and in-person attendance rising, this is the perfect storm,” says Stephane Vitale. “And, who doesn’t love a great comeback story,” he adds.

About LIVE events

Live Events is a full-service entertainment production company with 135 collective years of experience in the entertainment production industry and five generations of fireworks and special effects leaders. Live Events is committed to creating memorable experiences that move and delight audiences of all sizes, supported by the imaginative and hardworking people who are at the heart of their success. Based at New Castle, Pennsylvanialive event divisions and offices span nationwide from Pennsylvania at California. For more information, visit GoLiveEvents.com and follow the events live on social networks.

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