June 29, 2022

Sipcam, Albaugh and AGT partner to bring the CoAxium production system to Australian barley growers

A three-party strategic partnership has been created to bring the CoAXium production system to Australian barley growers. Australian Grain Technologies (AGT), Sipcam and Albaugh, LLC have joined forces to bring true innovation to Australian barley growers. This partnership was created to combine key elements of the CoAXium production system, including Australia-owned and developed non-GMO herbicide tolerance trait, elite barley germplasm, Aggressor-branded herbicides and industry management.

“AGT is excited to bring this locally discovered technology to Australian growers. We are particularly proud that Australian barley growers are the first in the world to experience the benefits of the CoAXium production system for barley,” said Dr Tristan Coram, Scientific and Business Development Manager at AGT. AGT has been developing barley genetics since 2014 and recently released commercial varieties Beast, Cyclops, Minotaur and Yeti. The AGT team is actively integrating the CoAXium trait into elite genetics and plans to make the first variety of CoAXium barley available to growers for the 2023 season. who understood Australian conditions and had a proven track record of delivering new technologies to growers,” said Dr Coram. This three-way partnership will ensure growers benefit fully from the CoAXium production system for barley while protecting the technology through industry stewardship.

“Our goal is to expand the global footprint of the CoAXium Production System platform to improve the performance and value of new weed control systems for grain growers around the world,” said Douglas A. Kaye. , Albaugh’s president for North America. We are excited about the value the partnership will bring to Australian barley growers. Albaugh’s innovation platform focuses on strategic partnerships to identify technologies around the world to deliver performance and value to growers. The CoAXium Production System platform represents Albaugh’s initial exposure to Australia, and we look forward to bringing more innovative technology to Australian growers in the near future. Chad W Shelton, Albaugh’s Global Director, Innovation Platform Technologies, said, “This partnership represents the backbone of Albaugh’s Innovation Platform, which focuses on strategic partnerships to deliver unique and innovative technologies in the whole world. The Aggressor herbicide brands were developed using a 30-year-old active ingredient that, through innovation, offers barley growers a new tool to control grassy weeds in the production of ‘barley.

Sipcam Australia’s director of marketing and operations, Richard Branson, said the impending introduction of the CoAXium production system could potentially change the way barley is grown in Australia. “This system offers new weed control options for barley growers using non-GMO pathways,” he said. “CoAXium is much more than just a herbicide and herbicide-tolerant barley variety. Indeed, it is an entirely new production system that has major ramifications on the entire cropping program, c That’s why CoAXium will be fully supported by a stewardship program developed by Sipcam.This program will involve all aspects of growing herbicide tolerant barley, including use of the Aggressor herbicide, rotation implications , herbicide resistance strategies and integrated weed control.

Sipcam, a leading supplier of crop protection and nutrition products to Australian farmers, will provide sales and technical support for the Aggressor herbicide and the CoAXium production system. “We are thrilled to be part of the partnership with Albaugh and AGT,” Branson said. “From our very first discussions, it has become clear that the three stakeholders have common business philosophies of harnessing innovation and partnerships to deliver real value to farmers.”