May 18, 2022

Stanley Black & Decker Installs P-50 Production System As Desktop Metal Begins Shipping Flagship Product

Metal desk announced the delivery of its first Production System P-50 metal additive manufacturing machine to Stanley Black & Decker.

The company says it is marking the commercialization of its flagship technology, in which it has invested nearly $100 million under a four-year development program.

Desktop Metal first demonstrated the concept of its Production System printer in April 2017 and, in the meantime, has successfully begun shipping its Studio System, launched alongside the Production System, and the Shop System which has been rolled out in 2020. The company also changed its name. the production system in December 2020 in accordance with the introduction of the benchtop P-1 system.

Although Desktop Metal’s commercialization of the P-50 production system was a long time in coming, the company worked hard to build a portfolio of qualified materials by the time the system was ready for deployment. Materials to be qualified to date include 316L stainless steel, 420 stainless steel, IN625 nickel alloy, D2 tool steel and HH stainless steel, while 6061 aluminum is being developed in partnership with Uniformity Labs. In November, Desktop Metal also announced that it had tripled the final assembly capacity of the P-50 production system as it sought to meet “increasing and pent-up demand”.

That demand may finally be about to be met as Stanley Black & Decker is named as the first company to install the P-50 production system. Stanley Black & Decker, also a user of Desktop Metal’s Studio System, is a leading tool and storage company, and although no details were given on how the company intends to apply the P-50 machine, Desktop Metal designed the platform with production applications in mind.

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