June 29, 2022

TV Pro Gear’s Gen 5 Sprinter/Flypack Production Truck Provides Live Event Coverage at UC Colorado Springs – rAVe [PUBS]

As a Multimedia Services Video Engineer at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), Garrett Kuecker is responsible for operating the school’s Sprinter/Flypack TV Pro Gear (TVPG) multi-camera video production truck. to produce a multitude of live events on Campus. As production demands continue to grow, there is also a need to upgrade the flypack’s live video system. After consulting with TVPG experts, Kuecker and school officials found the fast, cost-effective upgrade solution they were looking for with the Newtek TriCaster TC2 Elite video production platform.

“The main difference between the old Newtek TriCaster 8000 we were using and the new TriCaster TC2 Elite is the operating systems they are built on,” says Kuecker. “The original TC8000 ran Windows 7, which is no longer supported, making it difficult to interface with our campus network. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on something entirely new, we were able to quickly and easily change the software component of the flypack for a fraction of the cost.

The school’s Generation 5 Sprinter/Flypack production truck is primarily used to broadcast games for the six UCCS varsity sports teams. With the various sporting events taking place at six different locations on campus, the sprinter/flypack combo is a great way for Kuecker to quickly bring the full production capabilities of the unit wherever he needs it.

While the truck is specifically used for sport, the flypack itself serves a dual purpose. “We take the flypack out of the truck and roll it into our studio, and it functions as a mobile studio,” adds Keucker. “All the technology lives in the flypack and comes in and out as we need. As a state campus, there are tons of requests throughout the year to cover live events. “just having a system that I can deploy anywhere on campus. I can set up a few cameras and have a really professional looking broadcast without needing two days to set it up and having hardware scattered around the room.” With the flypack, we can be ready in less than three hours and be completely confident in its ability to produce an in-person event.

Keucker has been very pleased since installing the upgrade, adding, “I have taken advantage of the increased network capabilities of the new software. I have many more inputs to play with. Although not a problem before the upgrade, I really enjoyed using the features we acquired. It was also a very easy learning curve. The TVPG team flew in here and helped install it. We had a day and a half to work on the training and see the differences between the two systems. The upgrade went smoothly and we were very pleased.

In addition to the high-quality amenities that TVPG incorporates into its flypack setup, Kuecker also finds the company’s customer support and service to be top-notch. “Specifically, one thing that I really appreciate about the TVPG team is that they are always reachable,” he adds. “If I ever have a question, they are incredibly responsive. It’s wonderful to have access to a group of people who can return a phone call within the same day. The TVPG team has been a great resource.

TVPG’s Generation 5 Sprinter/Flypack is a multi-camera video production truck designed for filming live events. It can be equipped with up to ten cameras, instant playback, slow motion, graphics, internet streaming and satellite uplink. All Pro Gear TV Flypacks are made from aircraft-grade steel, aluminum and carbon fiber in a complete, road-ready package that’s quick and easy to install. They are available with a variety of options for more cameras, wide angle lenses, box lenses, instant replay, wireless intercoms and sports announcement equipment.