June 29, 2022

Using artificial intelligence to optimize the fruit and vegetable production process

If the supply chain is to adapt to market demands for quality fruits and vegetables, it must embrace innovative technologies that help meet growing consumer expectations for the fresh produce market.

Q Eye product design

Biometic, a leader in quality solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry, operates in this context. Biometic also specializes in optimizing production processes, thereby increasing the added value of the final product.

Biometic was founded in 2012 as a spin-off from the Italian company Microtec, a world leader in measuring systems and the development of automated processes for the wood industry. It has thus benefited from Microtec’s 40 years of experience and know-how in the field of high-speed online biometric scanning and process optimization.

Biometic at Fruit Attraction 2021. From left to right: Juan Antonio Sanchez De Leon, Camilla Lolli (who gave us the statement contained in this article) and Petar Marijokovic

Biometic’s ultimate goal is to ensure the satisfaction of all producers and, above all, to guarantee end consumers a superior quality product. To this end, Biometic has developed dynamic quality control systems that meet the specific needs of the fruit and vegetable industry in the 4.0 era. One of them is Q Eye, the smart optical sorting scanner for external quality analysis of fruits and vegetables,” said Camilla Lolli, Corporate Communications Manager, who met us at the Ifema of Madrid.

“By integrating it directly into the sorting lines, Q Eye analyzes fruits and vegetables with extremely high precision. It inspects crops by combining the use of specially designed electronic sensors with advanced image processing and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the integration of GradeAi, Biometic’s artificial intelligence system, Q Eye enables optimized sorting through true online three-dimensional reconstruction and highly accurate digitization of surface characteristics, color, size and product volume,” Lolli said.

Innovative Biometric Fruit Scanning Solutions

Thanks to these technologies, Q Eye maps the surfaces of fruits and vegetables in 360 degrees, reconstructing the products in 3D in real time. This makes it possible to classify and identify with extreme precision any defect, deformation or imperfection of the surface.

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